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Yasser is the token Asian of the group and is never allowed to forget it.  Born in the sea in a cornetto wafer cone off Yugoslavia in 1916, he is currently married to Hello Magazine and lives in a gingerbread house in the woods with his three children - Rubix Cuban, Alan Hansel and Gretel Garbo.  He married his first wife once, his second wife twice, and his third wife three times. Then he spoiled that arithmetic progression, but created a different symmetry.   He went back and married his second wife a third time, and concluded by marrying his fourth wife once. 

Meanwhile, in our world, Yasser works widely as a professional stand-up, sketch and character comedian, actor and writer; he has graduated in Spring 2022 at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) for the 'Writing & Producing Comedy Diploma' sponsored by Channel Four where he was taught by legendary writer and producer Bill Dare; he has also graduated in Spring 2022 with an MA in Screenwriting at the University of London; currently Yasser writes for and performs in three sketch comedy groups: Chaos Theory, Monkey Wedding  and The Melon Comedy Collective.


He is a comedy writer on the award winning The Treason Show, Brighton's long running topical satirical comedy show, now in it's record breaking 20th year. Yasser also writes for BBC Scotland's topical news comedy show 'Breaking the News' when acting and comedy tour commitments allow him to.

Yasser is also writing and performing an anarchic, shocking  and subversive political satire Edinburgh Fringe Online 2023 Show called 'The Woke Box' which will be available onDemand from 4th August 2023.

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